Serenity of Mind & Body

An inner journey to create a state of being calm peaceful & untroubled

Hello & A Warm Welcome
If you have found my website and are facing a challenging time with your mental health and overall well-being at present, I would like to support you in the first steps of beginning therapy.

What makes me different?

I am an Energy Healing Practitioner as well as a Counsellor, my therapy combines the two.

An unhappy mind = an unhappy body

An unhappy body = an unhappy mind

I specialise in mental and emotional anxiety overwhelm. I work with the “Whole of you” which means, not only do I support your mental and emotional health but guide you to improve the health and over all well-being of your body too.

4 Key Components To Heal The Mind & Heal The Body

"I intuitively guide the healing process and stay connected to your experience in the moment, with all the complexity of your thoughts, emotions and your feelings."

Transformation and Energy Healing is at the centre of my spiritual counselling framework.

It is a powerful, innovative and holistic therapeutic approach combining many paradigms, approaches and tools working with human and spiritual energies, something greater than ourselves.

It enhances the healing process, therefore bringing harmony and serenity to the whole person.

I always tailor my uniquely designed therapeutic approach to the one most suited to your needs, to empower you to set yourself free to work towards the life changes you are seeking.

My style is warm, openhearted, authentic, compassionate and supportive. I provide a safe nurturing space, as therapy is great for those moments in life where we need a consistent secure spot in the world where we can share the overwhelm.

If i sound like a therapist that resonates with you then I would love and be honoured to support you in the first steps of beginning therapy.

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It’s natural for life to have its ups and downs but at certain times on our journey we may have to face certain challenges that can become overwhelming, painful and too much to cope with alone.

Lately, though, you are getting stressed, as things are getting worse. You have tried to talk with friends, read some books, may be looked things up on the internet to help.

It’s not helping, it’s not enough.
Nothing is changing and you are feeling worse.

So now, as one of the last resorts, you are reaching out for a therapist..

Clients I already work with know I genuinely care and am skilled at what I do.

They know I have their back every step of the way, and that I have a genuine love and passion for teaching the rewarding, life changing therapy I offer.

Working with me, you don’t need to feel alone or suffer anymore.

Get In Touch

I respect that for many it takes courage to pick up the phone or drop me a line as It’s actually a bit anxiety-inducing to reach out to a therapist.

You have so many unspoken questions, that’s why I offer a free consultation.

You have already taken the first step, by contacting me you keep moving forward, let me support you with the rest.


Get In Touch

If you would like to enquire about therapy with me or ask me any questions, please drop me a line via the form. I will try to respond within two working days.

We can work together in a number of ways:

  • In Person at The Maple Tree Clinic or at my Private Therapy room.
  • Virtually over Skype/Zoom/Facetime and WhatsApp.

I offer a range of appointment times to fit around your family and work commitments, including daytime, evenings, and Saturdays.